Vivid memories of our first consulting migration project: It was spring 2004 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Allthrough the night we executed planned procedures using Unix DD and Windows Robocopy commands. The delivery director suggested 'if you make a mistake it will cost you your job'. In reality, half of the challenge was staying awake in front of a command line at 2AM, and the remainder was knowing that mistakes can be made even with skilled hands, process, and protocol in place.Cloud_Workload_Migration.jpg

In our view, migration automation toolsets provide:

  1. Consolidation of multiple disparate toolsets

  2. The abiltiy to automate manual procedures via API/JSON routines

  3. A DevOps delivery framework for driving x86 workload migrations

  4. Less downtime, less change management drama in the workload migration saga 

We invite you to dive into this topic in our Data Centre Migration Automation whitepaper. If familiarity of tools is the only reason you haven't innovated, we challenge you to take on a different perspective on tooling and the role of automation in a typical data centre migration.

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