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For any organization moving to the cloud, controlling the cost and risk of server migration is a major factor. In addition, the topology of public cloud services varies from one provider to the next, increasing the complexity of transition.  Automation technologies aim to simplify the movement of applications and workloads in a consistent manner. Cloud company providers such as Azure and AWS recognize this and are investing heavily to simplify customer onboarding to business cloud services. 

Why you may find this white paper interesting:

  • Migration Automation technologies aim to simplify the process of moving applications, data, and workloads from on premise environments to cloud.
  • 'Lift and Shift' migrations are the quick & dirty way to migrate - leaving application transformation and refactoring to another day (in the target cloud)
  • Risk and cost reduction by consolidating disparate tool sets and manual methods
  • Reduced downtime, less change management drama due to SaaS approach and no-agents on the source

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